I am K Anthony.Hello, and welcome to my website.

I am a London born artist with a rich heritage, using my photography as a form of expression to capture stories and characters that play their part in the rich pageant of life. The aim of my photography is to explore the essence and emotion of a subject and reflect it back to them through the image. I try to tell a story with my pictures and embrace the personality of the subject.

K Anthony Photography was born to offer you a unique way to tell your story. Whether it’s a personal or a business story, I hope to capture your character with my camera.

My creative work has evolved into two distinct styles that are also interconnected.  The first is me as an observer and photographer of life, from the sidelines, trapping beauty and quirkiness in my images, an unseen recorder of what I see…….

The other style I enjoy is photographing a more staged story, with props, decorations and characters – and an appropriate location.

Both styles are very distinct but feed each other.

My professional work has allowed me to narrate the stories of numerous people, organisations, and to work with many creatives, including actors/actresses, stylists, make-up artists, musicians, performers and many more.

These years of experience, paired up with a background in IT have afforded me an interesting perspective on my work, the artistic married to the more technical skills that I have. 

The result is innovative, high-quality photography, paired with a personal service and excellent communication with you, the customer. 

Please take a look at my gallery and if you think my style is for you, please call me for a chat to discuss your requirements. I hope to be working on some stunning images with you very soon!

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